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Civility and Performance

Civility and Performance -Do We Make the KUT? This week I spent some time with the students and Superintendent of Miami Valley CTC a career based regional High School and Adult Learning Center.

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"Great Planning is Rehearsed Spontaneity"

“Great Planning is Rehearsed Spontaneity!” -Dwight Eisenhower, credited as the brilliant strategist ending WWII and rebuilding Europe, reportedly noted "Remember that the plan is nothing but planning is everything." He tapped deeply into the psych

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Leadership Stability

Leadership Stability: Control or Alignment? High performing organizations thrive with leadership which is stable and predictive. Predictability on the other hand, conveys characteristics of boring or routine.

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Non-Linear Strategy

Non-Linear Strategy and Gun Violence- Strategy is non-linear. It would be great if we could directly impact a desired end state with a single dimensional laser like initiative or effort.

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The Power of Small Miracles

The power of small miracles, in the movie, “Michael,” John Travolta portrays Michael the Archangel on his final mission.

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The Capacity to Self-Correct

The capacity to self-correct; we live in an age of self-promotion. Social media, networking, advancement and achievement drive many forward in our quest to lead. There is an inner greatness as well rooted in our capacity to self-correct.

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Elevate Your Game

Our society seems increasingly prone to violence in response to the complexity and diversity of our world. The social conditions of a global but highly connected world can easily remind us of what's not working.

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Leading from Within

Leadership is less about the big bang than about the big impact that transforms and improves lives, society, and ultimately the human community.

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The Human Spirit

The human spirit is driven by our deepest longings to be completely understood and loved as we are. This is our home and serenity. We live for it, work for it, die for it, suffer and yearn for it, surrender to it and celebrate it.