David A. Ramey

#September11th. 19 years ago our lives were fused in our trauma, grief, and horror in the loss of nearly 3000 souls, and far more with the resulting impact on our first responders. But in the shattering of our daily routines, once again in history, we remembered our common purpose and identity. We were and felt one nation, under God, pursuing liberty and justice for all. I recall no political banter about the race, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or status of those lost among our heroes. We were one. Since then, how many empty places at dinner tables have passed ? How many children grown without a parent, or grandchildren born with out a beloved granny, or papa? Many more than the political elite rallied our resolve. It was our ordinary heroes, passengers on flight 93, who burnished their lives in service and sacrifice for others in a field in Shankesville. Let us do them honor and give evidence to their legacy of heroism by embracing the common humanity they so profoundly surrendered for us. We are the beneficiaries of a great human experiment to bend the "arc of history toward justice". Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes reminded," What lies behind us and what lay before us are tiny matter compared to what lies within us". Let our service be our testament.