David Ramey
Jobs are about People! The US Chamber of Commerce has just called for expanding immigration to attract those seeking to come to this country and remain as workers. There are over 11 million available jobs in the US today with the lowest unemployment rate of 3.9 percent. Beyond Covid this shortage of labor contributes to inflation, supply chain backlog, production shortages and economic stagnation. Jobs, jobs, jobs make our economy grow. Talk to any business owner today for one minute or more and you’ll hear “ I can’t find enough of the right people”. Nativist politics aside we cannot function well economically if we can’t fulfill our needs and support economic vitality of our friendly governments around the world. It turns out that our foundational principles of welcoming diversity are also the most practical. Our universities alone have lost the best and brightest graduates to our nativist hysteria. Both major political parties continue to miss the boat in encouraging shrinking to greatness by over regulation or neglect of employment’s connection to population growth. Yes Covid is a symptomatic factor to the larger issue. We need more people as our population shrinks and ages. Thank you US Chamber for getting it right rather politically correct.