Cover of Empowering LeadersFrom Sheed & Ward:

In Empowering Leaders, David Ramey presents his comprehensive thesis that leadership is a commitment as well as a contribution of lasting public value to the quality of life, the quality of work, and the quality of society. It is a book for those who seek not only to improve the strategies and techniques of leadership but also to understand the underlying mastery of personal, public, and organizational insights that make a contribution to one’s life, one’s work and society possible. 

Empowering Leaders is not about the quick fix successes of short-term leadership. The book is written for those seeking to understand personal, long-term strategic leadership and the leadership of their organizations. Blending insights from organizational development, group leadership strategies, and human development, Empowering Leaders integrates the trends, themes, issues, and challenges which confront today’s leaders.  

ISBN: 1-55612-372-8
LL1372, 256 pp.
Publication date: 15 Nov 1991