David A. Ramey

Leadership for A New Dark Ages- It may seem at times as if we have entered a new dark ages. A global pandemic is raging.10's of thousands are still dying. Our politics of hyper self interest are hopelessly fractured and dead. Our lands in the west are burning. Our coastal cities are flooding. Millions are out of work. Our workplaces have been displaced by our kitchen tables. Poverty is growing. Basic climate and medical science are ignored and distorted. Enough we cry!!
Our old thinking and old technology can no longer patch us through to the future. We need a reset of leadership assumptions and practices. They begin with each one of us. Collaboration will build better solutions. Multi- disciplinary thinking will create new systems for change. Facts and truth are the bedrock of trust. Endurance produces hope. People are at the center of every innovation personal and global. There is more than one pathway to every dilemma worth implementing. The care and nurture of those close, protects and comforts us all.
“Nothing worthwhile is simple in prospect. If it is right it will be simple in retrospect. Belief in action accomplishes that which does not exist, but which in the future will be taken for granted" (Edwin Teller). Keep on, Keep on, Keep on. And " as you walk, Pray!".