“Serving organizations and their leaders nationally since 1987“

Strategic Leadership Associates’ planning services are customized to the needs and preferences of our clients.  We offer several levels of planning assistance.

Strategic Business Planning:

Strategic Leadership Associates has received national acclaim for its comprehensive strategic business plans which impact organizational performance.  Through several hundred projects, SLA has contributed nearly billions of dollars in bottom line results to its customers in business, higher education, government, education, the human services, and the arts.  Depending upon the complexity and size of an organization, a strategic business plan may include any number of the following elements:

Vision and Mission

  • Strategic Goals (for major priorities)
  • Objectives and Initiatives (organized around strategic goals)
  • Organizational Performance Measures and Reporting Dashboard for results
  • Strategic Team Development and Action Plans/Implementation Plans
  • Organizational Leadership Structure Alignment Review
  • Governance Structure Alignment Review
  • Five-Year Financial Analysis and Forecast
  • Core Capability Assessment and SWOT Analysis

Each strategic business planning process is customized for the unique conditions of our client organizations which have ranged from under $1 million in revenue to over $10 billion in annual sales.

Best Practice Benchmarking:

Strategic Leadership Associates can strengthen and enhance your business and organizational practices through best practice benchmarking.  Through its unique approach to evaluating the best practices of peers, competitors, and similar organizations in an industry sector, SLA is able to assist you in pinpointing optimum best practices to achieve desired results to improve your organizational culture, business practices, process improvements, and bottom line.

Change Management:

Building upon insights in organizational development, leadership strategy, and the psychology of change, Strategic Leadership Associates is able to help you integrate needed organizational changes in your business and organizational culture.  Our change management practices are based upon current research and evidence-based practices to introduce and sustain effective change which produces lasting results.

Organizational Restructuring:

Strategic Leadership Associates has restructured numerous organizations in the public and private sector over the last 28 years.  Organizational restructuring often accompanies a change in strategic direction and priorities which requires a needed realignment of personnel and financial resources.  Our restructuring processes include an in-depth analysis of the workflow and performance of individual leadership groups and teams to assure that the proposed restructuring matches strategic goals, as well as addresses day-to-day operational priorities without missing needed workflow and customer support requirements.  Our restructuring services have resulted in the sustainability and, in some cases, the turnaround of numerous organizations throughout the United States.

Customer and Stakeholder Satisfaction Research:

Understanding an organization’s customer and stakeholder satisfaction is key to building relationships and paving the way for growth.  Strategic Leadership Associates works to develop customized focus groups and surveys for organizations that measure satisfaction, service offerings, and various elements important to business and organizations.  SLA can provide experience and expertise in providing survey and focus group research in the following constituencies:

  • Customers
  • Students and Alumni
  • Citizens
  • Membership Organizations
  • Communities
  • Other Key Stakeholders and Influence Leaders

Each focus group and survey is analyzed and reported in a detailed and informative manner relevant to each client’s needs.  SLA works to keep our clients abreast throughout the survey and research process, culminating in a final report with detailed analysis of results.