We offer two versions of our Strategic Leadership Course – a 7-session course providing the basic tools and training and a 12-session course which offers more detail and specialization on leadership topics. Both of these courses will expose professional managers and team leaders participating in the course to a hands-on, comprehensive, and integrated understanding of the critical effectiveness between organizational strategy and effective individual and group leadership

The Strategic Leadership Course offers participants the following features:

Participation in 7- or 12-semi-monthly Strategic Leadership Development Sessions, including presentations, case studies, and use of copyrighted leadership and planning tools in their organization and work groups

A comprehensive, individual, H.R. Chally Performance Skill Assessment of critical leadership skills of importance to their particular position.

A Strategic Leadership Profile of each participant’s work group which they supervise through the Strategic Leadership Cultural Audit

Completion of a Professional Development Plan with a model for facilitating professional development planning of direct reports.

Exposure to a Leadership Circle within the Strategic Leadership Course for ongoing professional improvement and development in your organization upon course completion

Topics for the Strategic Leadership Course include the following:

  • Personal Leadership and the Quality of Life
  • Strategic Leadership and Professional Development Planning
  • Strategic Vision Development
  • Organizational Strategy Assessment and Development
  • Core Strategy and Performance Measure Development
  • Strategic Action Plan Development
  • Product and Process Improvement Through Employee Involvement
  • Product and Process Improvement Through Customer Involvement
  • Leading Through Core Values
  • Management Team and Work Group Performance Assessments
  • Board Leadership Development
  • Building Strategic Alliances and Partnerships for Success

The 7-session course includes seven of the above topics of greatest relevance to the client organization.