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Gratitude and Leadership

Humility and gratitude are essential to being grounded as a leader. We all seem to have a tendency to reinforce our own sense of self-importance and irreplaceability.

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Lessons in Adaptive Learning for Leaders

Lessons in Adaptive Learning for Leaders: Over the past 30 years we have worked with hundreds of organizations in the public and private sector and thousands of their leaders.

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Leadership's Inner Game

Leadership's inner game, "What makes us afraid is our great freedom in the face of emptiness that has yet to be filled." -Karl Jaspers. Leaders fill that space with self-forgetful love and work.


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The Missing Ingredient

Our conflict-oriented culture and politics can give us a distorted and incomplete picture of leadership. Winning, demonstrated success, and opportunism may overlook the essential necessity of an inner spirituality of worth which anchors our life.