David Ramey has been President of Strategic Leadership Associates, Inc. since 1987. He formerly served as President of Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning, a national conference and training center in Dayton, Ohio. He served as Interim Chief Administrator for the American Association of Tissue Banks in Washington, D.C., restructuring that organization.  Dave has completed the book Empowering Leaders published by Sheed and Ward, now in its second printing. In addition, he developed the “Strategic Leadership Assessment & Profile” to evaluate the leadership culture of organizations.

Dave received a B.A. Degree from Marquette University and a Master’s Degree in Education from Loyola University of Chicago. He has doctoral studies in Continuing and Vocational Education and has completed a Certificate in Training and Consulting from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  Dave has offered regional and national workshops on leadership development and strategic planning.  Educational institutions, including Wright State University, Loyola University of Chicago, the University of  Wisconsin at Madison, and Notre Dame University, have sponsored his leadership development workshops and presentations.

Dave serves as a strategic planning and organizational development consultant to over 800 business, health and life science, government, education, arts and human services, foundations, national organizations, and universities throughout the United States.  In 2001, he received NASA’s Public Service Medal, the highest civilian award of the Agency.  His NASA clients have included the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), Langley Research Center (LaRC), and the National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC).  His clients have also included the Air Force Research Laboratory, Texaco, FirstEnergy Corporation, the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, the Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle Foundation, and the American Association of Tissue Banks, Excellus Health Plan, Inc., and the Lifetime Healthcare Companies.

Dave is a member of the Board of Trustees for the WPCU Community Foundation, Oasis House, and the Brunner Literacy Center.  He is also an advisory board member for Qcare Health Innovation & Research of Toronto, Canada.

Dave is a past President of the Beavercreek, Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  Dave also served on the Advisory Board for the Center for Supervision and Leadership Formation at United Theological Seminary.  He is a former Vice President of the Wegerzyn Gardens Foundation.  Dave is currently a Board member of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton.

Dave has served as Trustee and President for Retreats International, a national professional organization of conference centers; a board member for NCCL, a national association of educators; Chairperson for the Volunteer Advisory Council for the City of Kettering, Ohio; and moderator for a regional association of five chambers of commerce.  He also served on the Board of Directors for the United Way of Greater Dayton.

Dave has been a media guest on the subject of leadership. His interviews have included KMPC, Los Angeles; KBRT, Costa Mesa; WOAI, San Antonio; USA Radio Network WERE, Cleveland; WOOD, Grand Rapids; WDWS, Champaign; KYBG, Denver; WTAK, Huntsville; and KOAP, Oregon Public Radio.