David A. Ramey

#resilience and #gratitude- 4 & 1/2 years ago my wife was diagnosed with dementia/Alzheimer's. No surprise in light of family history. We vowed to see this through together. She asked only one thing, ”that she stay home as long as possible.” So far we’ve made good on both. Little did we imagine what lay ahead; stroke, seizures, brain bleed. Now many days she does not know who I am or thinks I am twins. A dementia version of good/bad cop, perhaps. Frequently I am humbled to my knees in prayer and at times despair, not knowing how we would endure yet another day. I can imagine no more excruciating experience than to lose one’s mind a day at a time. With great doctors, family, nurses, and caregivers we keep on. My life has become an enforced monastery. Perhaps due to it all , the miracle of grace blossoms. Life is rich in color and depth. Each sky is more beautiful. Each smile a window to a soul. Each flower a revelation of nature. I continue to learn much by listening to the cues of God which are everywhere. I have no idea what tomorrow may bring, what new challenges or suffering will manifest. In looking back as well as ahead remaining grounded in resilience and gratitude are the only knowns. While we may despise the adversity we encounter, we can emerge from emptiness with hope.