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Trail Path Marker
David A. Ramey |

Seekers of the Way

It has been a lifelong aspiration of mine to hike the Camino de Santiago in Spain, France, and Portugal. This 500 mile stretch is a several centuries old pilgrimage along the way attributed to St.

Money box
David Ramey |

Advanced Consumer Technology and Your Business Model

Today’s lightening fast advances in consumer technology are rapidly moving the enlightened business to re-evaluate its consumer business model and its ethical implications.

International globe
David Ramey |

Jobs Are About People!

Jobs are about People! The US Chamber of Commerce has just called for expanding immigration to attract those seeking to come to this country and remain as workers.
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David A. Ramey |



Alaskan glacier 2002_3_david ramey photo
David A. Ramey |

Leadership for the New Dark Ages

Leadership for A New Dark Ages- It may seem at times as if we have entered a new dark ages. A global pandemic is raging.10's of thousands are still dying. Our politics of hyper self interest are hopelessly fractured and dead.

Adirondack chairs_david ramey photo
David A. Ramey |

What's Ahead, Planning for the Next Normal

The Global public health pandemic has rocked nearly every aspect of life throughout the globe. We may not have fully realized the depth of this impact socially and economically since we see no destruction of our physical infrastructure.

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