Strategic Leadership Assessment


Building a Culture of Leadership

In the book, Empowering Leaders, David Ramey suggests that the fundamental role of leadership is to build an organization’s culture of commitment and contribution.  This requires creating lasting public value for the quality of our lives, the quality of our work, and the quality of society.  In our increasingly complex, specialized, and interdependent society,  leaders in all settings are compelled to become more aware of the essential connections between personal lives, organized work and public responsibilities within an organization’s culture.  As leaders, we need to build organizational  cultures which provide continuous and sustainable benefits to individual lives, work places, and society.

The Strategic Leadership Assessment

Based on 32 years’ experience in consulting and writing.  Strategic Leadership Associates has constructed a Strategic Leadership Assessment that measures an individual’s profile and an organization’s culture on 24 leadership skills in three leadership dimensions:

  • Personal Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Public Leadership
Each of the questions in the Assessment is answered privately and confidentially by each respondent and is designed to create an awareness of both the continuity and discontinuity among individual, work group, and organizational leadership culture preferences.  The validity and reliability of question items, skill sets, and skill profiles have been statistically analyzed and meet or exceed a high level of acceptability in testing standards.

The Strategic Leadership Profile

A Strategic Leadership Profile is generated for each participant.  It illustrates in graph form the individual’s responses to the questions in the Assessment in relation to those of his/her work group and the entire organization.  Strategic Leadership Associates can also compare a participant’s responses to its national database of leaders and organizations.

Customized Services for Using the Strategic Leadership Assessment

Strategic Leadership Associates can provide ongoing or one-time support for your use and understanding of the Strategic Leadership Assessment to improve your leadership culture, including:

  • Senior Leadership Team Profiles
  • Departmental and Work Group Leadership Profiles
  • Board Leadership Self-Assessments

Advanced Strategic Leadership Profile Reporting

Strategic Leadership Associates offers you the option of expanded Strategic Leadership Profile database comparisons and reports through our specialized services.  At your request, we can tailor your individual Profiles in several ways, including comparisons of work groups or teams, your entire organization, and to leaders in our own national database.

For a one-time organization enrollment fee of $295, and $40 per Profile, Strategic Leadership Associates will provide you with:

  • Copies of the Strategic Leadership Assessment for each respondent
  • A customized Strategic Leadership Profile for each respondent in your organization
  • A copy of the Participant’s Guide for each respondent
  • Copies of the Facilitator’s Guide for team leaders
  • An Executive Profile comparing all respondent groups in your organization

Strategic Leadership Training Services

As a follow-up to the Strategic Leadership Assessment, Strategic Leadership Associates offers the following services to enhance the benefit and use of the leadership profile, including:

  • CONSULTING on building a leadership culture in your organization
  • LEADERSHIP AND TRAINING WORKSHOPS developed and conducted on-site for your organization’s identified needs revealed through the Strategic Leadership Profile
  • INDIVIDUALIZED COACHING by a trained consultant to support leadership skill development among senior leaders

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